We in Arifmurni believe that all children have the ability to absorb and learn best through practical activities. Children are intelligent, given the freedom to explore, will naturally acquire knowledge of themselves, their world and ways to develop and organize the knowledge.

Our role is to structure activities and resources for the needs of the children. We have spent a lot of time to study the efficient teaching method and learning aid materials to help the children to excel in academic, emotional and spiritual development.

Alhamdullilah, within a short period, Arifmurni's children have shown a very good progress, and the feedback we are getting from parents are overwhelm.

Prior to Year One of primary school, children must be able at very least to read, in both Bahasa Malaysia and English. We have been implementing special reading program for both languages, apart from lessons in class. The programs produce capability of the children to develop correct reading technique, such us proper intonation and pronunciation.
 At Tadika / Taska Arifmurni Melaka, children start formal education at 4 years old. They are introduced to letters, numbers, basic science, basic Pengetahuan Islam, early stage of reading and simple mathematical solution.
 At 5 years old, the children complete the typical tadika syllabus, that makes them ready for primary school's year 1.
 And the 6 years old children then have primary school's year 1 'rehearsal' for the whole year. They learn exactly the same chapters of Matematics, Science, Bahasa Melayu, English and Pengetahuan Islam taught at year 1 of primary school, in almost the same year 1 teaching and learning style. The only differences are the contents are simpler, and less homework.
For Tadika / Taska Arifmurni Melaka, the development and achievement of the children that matter.
 Taska / Tadika Arifmurni Melaka's 2012 Graduation Ceremony and Talent Day is the fourth edition of its kind, and only the second time held in Auditorium Masjid Al-Azim. To be held on Saturday, 10 November 2012, in recognition of K2 (6 year old) that are completing the pre-school education, this function serves opportunity for the children to broaden their skills and early abilities in different ways.

In Tadika / Taska Arifmurni Melaka, other than receiving formal pre-school education, the children are nurtured as spiritual young Muslim.